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Wireless Transfer App lets you download photos and videos from one iPad/iPhone/iPod to another as well as transfer photos and videos between iPad/iPhone/iPod device and computer via Wi-Fi network, with no cable or extra software required. Photos can be viewed and downloaded among devices at ease.

Using this app, there is no need for any settings, as long as your iPad/iPhone/iPod device and your computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. (Your computer can be connected to Wi-Fi router via cable)


For more step by step guide, please refer to Wi-Fi Transfer User Guides & Troubleshooting

Transfer photos & videos between iPad/iPhone/iPod devices

Note: To transfer photos and videos between two iDevices both must have this application installed and running.
1, Launch Wireless Transfer app and tap the Receive button.
2, The app will automatically detect all other devices that are in the same Wi-Fi network.
3, Tap the name of the other device.
4, Select the photos and videos that you want to transfer.
5, Tap the "Download" button to start the transfer.
6, The selected photos and videos will be downloaded to the photo library in the device at ease.

Transfer photos and videos between iPad/iPhone/iPod and computer

Launch Wireless Transfer app and you will find the http address at the bottom of the screen.

Open a web browser in your computer and type the address exactly as that appears on your device (including the colon and the following port number).

The browser will list all the photos and videos in your device.

Select and download one photo or video. Multiple photos and videos can also be batch selected and downloaded to your computer.

Click on the Upload button on the top right corner of the webpage. Then, choose the photos and videos that you would like to upload from your computer. The photos and videos will be downloaded to your iPad/iPhone/iPod at ease.

How to use this app if there's no wifi network?

You can still use this app to quickly transfer photos and videos even if there is no wireless connection.

For the device running iOS 5.0 or above, please turn on Hotspot in Settings. Then join the Hotspot network on another device.

Problems about network connection

Please make sure the Wireless Network is turned on and there is very stable network signal.

Please make sure the app is running and the airplane mode is off on all your devices.

If there is wireless network signal shown in your device, please double click the "Home" button to open the taskbar, delete the app and restart it.

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