App to Transfer iPad Photos

Needed a method to off-load iPhone videos without using iPhoto or Aperture. Tried another product that seemed OK, but only worked with photos. Bought the Wireless Transfer App and it worked perfectly. Simple, easy to use, beautiful webpage design for downloading video to my Mac. Strongly recommend for anyone looking to download, upload, or share video or photos who don’t want to use the Apple apps or cloud services. Well worth the $$$.


Sometimes when you have to manually transfer data from one phone to another, or one iPhone to another, wireless transfer is the app to help. This app made it painless to transfer all photos from one device to another, including iPhone iPad iPod and Android devices. It is especially useful when you do not have a computer or iTunes app. Because it can moves photos and videos from one mobile or tablet to another mobile or tablet directly without any computer or iTunes. What you need is a wi-fi router/network. When there is not wi-fi connection, you can use the Hotspot on your iPhone as an alternative.

If you want to share photos or videos with your wife on iPhone, you can transfer photos from your iPhone to your wife’s iPhone (both of you have your own iCloud) without having to use iTunes. iTunes sync is annoying as it may overwrite the data on the iPhone. It is time consume too. This is worse when you have a lot of stuff on iPhone, it will take you a lot of time for a single sync. This wireless transfer app though, can only send the file selected without any backup process and you do not send over additional data to the target device. It makes use of your local wi-fi network, thus it is super fast, excellent for bulk photo/video transfer between iOS devices.


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