How to Reduce iPhone Video Size

Storage space is a big problem for many iPhone users who like to shot videos or watch movies on their mobile device. Videos files take a lot of your precious space on iPhone. For example, an HD movie usually occupies more than 1 GB of space. A 10 minutes video filmed with iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S can take up to 1 G space. Is there a way to reduce iPhone video size?

In order to reduce iPhone video size you just need a video converter app. Video Slimmer is the app to slim down iPhone videos. An iPhone video file converted with Video Slimmer App will see a dramatic drop in file size. A 1,000 MB video can be compressed to 100M or less in around 5 minutes. What’s more, you will still preserve the good image quality. The quality will still remain good enough for display on your iPhone. The iPhone 5 and 4S can record 1080P HD videos, with Video Slimmer App, you can scale down the video size from various optimized profile settings, such as 720 p, 576p, 480p, 360p, 240 p, etc. If you do not want to change the file size in width and height, you can still slim down your iPhone video by dump other video data. You can reduce the video quality to get smaller video size instead. However we recommend the hybrid method, scale down video width/height and reduce video quality as the same time, to get the best output.

Easy Steps to Reduce iPhone Video Size

Reduce iPhone Video Size1. Open Video Slimmer App from the home screen of your iPhone.

2. Tap on +  icon from the top right corner to load video source files.

3. The added videos will show up in the Video Source list.

4. Tap on the red button Slim Down! Your selected videos will be compressed quickly.

Once you have converted iPhone videos to smaller size and exported them to your Camera Roll. You can transfer the source videos to your computer for backup with Wireless Transfer App. Then delete the source videos from iPhone to make space. If you do not need the source video, you can opt to delete them directly from Camera Roll.

iPhone Video Tips:

1. iPhone 4 records 720p HD videos (1280×720) that are about 80 MB per minute. iPhone 5 and 4S will record 1080p HD video (1920×1080), a 60 seconds long video on iPhone 5 or 4S may take up to 179 MB.

2. If you shoot iPhone video vertically or in a wrong gesture which causes your iPhone videos to be played sideways or upside down, the Video Slimmer App will rotate them automatically for proper display on Windows PC. See details here: Fix iPhone videos sideways and upside down.

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