Transfer Photos from Camera to iPhone iPad

Just purchased and in minutes uploaded photos from my SD card to my iPhone 4S with my PC here at work that does not have iTunes! So far, works as advertised and I am another satisfied customer. Well worth the price!

If you want to transfer photos from Camera to iPhone or iPad, there are severa ways to do that. Here we will discuss how to use PC to upload photos from camera to iPhone and iPad.

Transfer Photos from Camera to PC

Most digital cameras today feature USB connectivity. You can use the digital data cable to connect both your camera and computer, then copy photos from camera to PC.

You can also copy photos from the SD card to PC directly. If your PC does not have a SD card slot, use a SD card reader instead. A SD card reader can be pluged into the USB port of your computer either through direct connection or through the USB cable on the end.

Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone iPad

Now, it is time to transfer your Camera photos from PC to iPhone or iPad. Here we recommend Wi-Fi transfer app which is more convenient than iTunes sync. Firstly connect your iPhone to the same network as your PC; then run Wi-Fi transfer on iPhone, you will get the transfer URL address; access this transfer URL on desktop browser and start uploading your camera photos from PC to iPhone. You can upload camera photos individually or in batches. The transfer should be very fast, as the Wi-Fi transfer app copies your image files in your local network.

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