How to Share Photos and Videos Among Apple Devices

If you recorded several video clips on your iPhone and now you want to sync them to your iPad, you may be looking for a less complicated way than iTunes to transfer them from your iPhone to your iPad. If you took some amazing photos with your iPod touch 4 and now you want to move them to your Mac to create a photo slideshow in iMovie, in what way will you get the iPod pics over to your Mac?

Of course, you can launch iTunes and connect your device to your computer via USB cable to have your photos and videos transferred. Yet, as I know, many Apple fans do not like to use iTunes to sync media. On one hand, when you open the iPad/iPhone/iPod folder in your computer, what you will find are numerous folders with unmeaningful names. The photos and videos are totally unorganized. It's hard to find what you really need. On the other hand, the sync may easily erase the photos and videos previously transferred to your device. The iTunes sync requires that you have a computer at hand as well.

Even if you'd like to use iTunes and cable to transfer photos and videos among your iDevices, what if your cable or computer is unavailable? In a party, what if you want to share photos with your friend? What if you want to send your baby's photos from your iPhone to your wife's iPad? This is what Wireless Transfer App is all about. It is really easy to use. You never need to use iTunes or cable again. As its name indicates, it only requires that you connect your devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

So how does it work? Let me take transferring photos and videos from iPhone to iPad using Wireless Transfer App as an example.

Wireless Transfer App

1. Download and install Wireless Transfer App on both devices.

Wireless Transfer App Available on App Store

2. Check whether both devices are connected to the same wifi network.

3. Run Wireless Transfer App on both devices.

4. Tap the "Receive" button on iPad and find the device name of iPhone.

5. Tap the device name of iPhone and get all iPhone photos and videos listed.

6. Select the photos and videos you want to transfer and start downloading them to iPad.


That's really easy! Feel free to share photos and videos among iPad, iPhone and iPod devices without iTunes or cable using Wireless Transfer App.

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