How to Transfer Photos from iPod to iPad via Wi-Fi

I used to have an iPod and I took a few hundred photos with it. Now that I bought an iPad I no longer need an iPod so I'm going to sell it. I haven't synced either of them to a computer and I need to know if there is another way of transferring the photos?

In this guide, I'd like to show you how to transfer photos from iPod to iPad using Wireless Transfer App.

Transfer Photos from iPod to iPad

1. Download Wireless Transfer App and install it on iPod and iPad

Wireless Transfer App Available on App Store

Note: With the same iTunes account, you only need to pay once to install Wireless Transfer App on both your iPod and your iPad.

2. Make sure your iPad and your iPod are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Make sure both your iPad and your iPod have Wireless Transfer App running.

Wireless Transfer App for iPadWireless Transfer App for iPod

4. Tap the Send button on your iPod, choose to send photos & videos to iPod/iPhone/iPad and then select photos for sending.

transfer photos from iPod to iPad transfer pictures from iPod to iPad

5. Tap the Receive button on your iPad. Then you will find the device name of your iPod.

transfer iPod photos to iPad

6. Tap the name of your iPod. Choose to save the selected photos to an existing album or a new album. Tap the Download button to start to download the selected photos.

download photos from iPod to iPad

Note 1: Before the downloading gets started, you need to authorize the connection first.

Note 2: You can also tap the "Explore Device" button to view the iPod photo library and download any of the photos there. Connection authorization is also required to explore the iPod. Also, the app will ask you whether to skip the dupicate copies or not before downloading.

7. The selected photos will be downloaded to the photo library in your iPad.

transfer from iPod to iPad

8. Launch the Photos app in your iPad and you will find all the pictures downloaded from your iPod.

You can follow this guide to transfer photos from iPod touch 4 to iPad, from iPod touch 5 to iPad via Wi-Fi.

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