How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Mac with iMovie

The iPhone is capable of capturing up to 1080p videos. If you shot some great HD video clips with your iPhone and now you want to transfer them to your Mac hard drive, you just let the iMovie app help you. So long as you have your iPhone and your Mac connected via cable, you can simply start moving videos from your iPhone to your Mac with iMovie.

Below are the full steps:

1. Connect your iPhone and your Mac via cable.

2. Run iMovie app on your Mac.

3. Press File -> Import from Camera...

4. Your iPhone will be detected and video clips in your iPhone Camera Roll will be listed.

import iPhone videos into Mac iMovie

5. Tick the video clips you want to transfer to your Mac.

move videos from iPhone to Mac iMovie

6. Press File -> New Project... to create a project and drag and drop the video clips you just imported to the project. Note: To transfer several video clips to your Mac, you'd better create several projects and add one video clip to one project.

7. Without any further action, press Share -> Export Movie... to save the video files to your Mac hard drive.

transfer videos from iPhone to Mac with iMovie

This method requires that your cable is available. Besides, it seems to be a troublesome process. So is there an easier and faster way to transfer videos from iPhone to Mac without cable? Certainly there is. Go and download Wireless Transfer App from the iTunes app store and you will easily get your iPhone photos and videos transferred to your Mac without hassle. Here is the step-by-step guide about how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac using this cool app. You can also follow the steps to move videos from your iPhone to your Mac.

Wireless Transfer App Available on App Store

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