How to Upload Photos from PC to iPad mini via Wifi

Just acquired a new iPad mini and want to transfer my photos onto it from my laptop. Is this going to be a difficult process for a novice techie? If so what leads do I need? Or do I have to put them onto my iPod first. Grateful for any help. Thanks.

To transfer photos from PC to iPad mini, you just connect your iPad mini with your computer via cable and then launch iTunes to start sync. Before that, you need to put all the photos you need to transfer to your iPad mini in one folder. Otherwise, the photos previously synced to your device will be erased and replaced.

So is there a way to get photos transferred from PC to iPad mini without iTunes or cable? How about transferring without erasing or replacing?

The answer is YES. The iPad app Wireless Transfer App lets you easily and quickly transfer photos from PC to iPad mini through wifi. It is now fully compatible with the new iPad mini.

Wireless Transfer App Available on App Store

Now let me show you how to transfer photos from PC to iPad mini using Wireless Transfer App:

1. Download and install Wireless Transfer App onto your iPad mini

Note: Make sure your iPad mini and your PC are connected to the same network.

2. Run Wireless Transfer App on your iPad mini.

3. Tap the Receive button in the welcome screen, choose Receive From Computer and go to the Receive from PC screen.

transfer photos from PC to iPad mini

4. Open a web browser in your PC and type the http address exactly as that appears on your iPad mini (including the colon and the following port number).

upload photos from PC to iPad mini

5. Click the Upload Images & Videos button in the upper-right corner to go to the Upload page.

download photos from PC to iPad mini

6. Select an existing album or create a new album for photo transfer.

7. Click the Upload button to browse and select the photos in your computer for transferring.

8. When the transfer is completed, go and launch the Photos app in your iPad mini to check the photos uploaded from your PC.

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