Wirelessly Transfer Photos & Videos between iPhone, iPad, iPod and Computer

I have lots of great photos taken with my iPhone. I do want to transfer them to my computer. However, when I connected my iPhone with my PC via cable, what I found on my phone was countless folders, with several photos in each one. I didn't want to copy all the photos to my computer and then view them folder after folder. And it was really difficult to find a specific photo, let alone to organize and categorize them. In a word, I hate this way of transferring photos from my iPhone to my computer.

Transferring photos from PC to iPhone brings me big headache too. It seems that I can only get the pictures in one computer transferred. If I want to transfer photos from another computer to my phone, the photos previously downloaded to the phone will be erased. Besides, every time I start the transfer, I need to put the photos into a specific folder first. Otherwise, the photos that have previously been synced to my device will be erased too.

You will find it more complicated to transfer photos & videos from one iPhone to another, from iPad to iPhone, from iPhone to iPad, and such. It is just too troublesome to send & receive photos between two Apple devices via iMessage or Email. It is also inadvisable to exchange photos and videos among iPhone, iPad and iPod devices using iTunes, which, in my opinion, is so stupid and hard to use.

Having said all of the above, what on earth is the easiest and fastest way to transfer photos and videos among iPhone, iPad, iPod and computer? Actually, there are lots of Windows and Mac software tools on the Internet that work great for transferring files between computer and device. However, this kind of software tool usually costs 20-30 dollars and you need to download and install it to your computer. It just looks like an upgraded version of iTunes.

The iOS app named Wireless Transfer App caught my attention. I am fond of it so much that I will never use iTunes to transfer photos and videos from and to my iPhone once again. As its name indicates, this $1.99 app takes advantage of Wi-Fi network to transfer photos and videos between computer and device. With Wireless Transfer App, you can transfer photos and videos

Wireless Transfer App Available on App Store

From iPad to iPad
From iPad to iPhone
From iPhone to iPhone
From iPhone to iPad
From iPad to Computer
From iPhone to Computer
From Computer to iPad
From Computer to iPhone

Wireless Transfer App Review

Wireless Transfer App makes transfer of your photos/videos from/to your computer as well as to your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch a breeze!

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