How to Wirelessly Transfer Photos and Videos from iPad to iPad

I took lots of photos of my baby with my iPad. My husband wants to have these photos moved to his iPad. I forgot to turn on iCloud while taking photos so they could not be streamed to my husband's photo library. Is there another way to do that?

What will you do if you want to download photos and videos from one iPad to another? Go and download Wireless Transfer App to help you. This app lets you transfer photos and videos between iPhone/iPad/iPod devices at ease. It can also help you download photos and videos from PC/Mac to iPad/iPhone/iPod and vice verse.

In this guide, I will demonstrate how to transfer photos and videos from iPad to iPad using Wireless Transfer App.

  • 1. Download Wireless Transfer App and install it on iPad
  • Wireless Transfer App Available on App Store
  • 2. Make sure both iPads are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • 3. Make sure both iPads have Wireless Transfer App running.
  • iPad transfer
  • 4. Tap the "Receive" button on your iPad. Then you will find the device name of the other iPad.
  • iPad copy
  • 5. Tap the name of the other iPad. All photos and videos in this iPad's photo library will be listed.
  • transfer from iPad to iPad
  • 6. Select the photos and videos that your want to transfer. Tap the "Download" button to start the transfer. The selected photos and videos will be downloaded to the photo library in your iPad.
  • iPad to iPad transfer
  • 7. Launch the "Photos" app in your iPad and you will find all the photos and videos downloaded from the other iPad.

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